Regaining trust takes two participants.

Tina Taylor, an experienced professional counselor for more than ten years, joins us to discuss the principle of trust. This session continues the discussion on regaining and building trust.

Below is the outline to follow along with as she presents.


A.  How do you know if someone is trustworthy?

1. Does this person keep promises?
2. Does this person show empathy towards others?
3. Does this person show they are aware of how their actions affect others?
4. Does this person run away from problems?
5. Does this person use or take advantage of others?
6. Does this person behave helpless and look for others to take care of them?



B. Four Ingredients for Change

1. Insight- Acknowledge the offense
2. Gain new information (partner and other resources)
3. Effort to correct (intentional)
4. Time and practice

Examples: Defaulted on a loan from a friend and Spent more money than agreed

Key: It is work. Do the work. Work starts in your heart as this is where your intentions start. Conscious inner feeling or voice that helps decide between right and wrong.

C. Doing the work to battle here has results in how you relate to others.

1. Think about the feelings of others
2. Think about the ramifications of your actions
3. Look to give rather than receive
4. What a trustworthy partner looks like:

a. Maturity
b. Adaptable
c. Relationship Skills
d. Responsible
e. Inner Confidence
f. Anger Management
e. Gracious
d. Emotionally Stable

D. Conclusion

1. As one seeking to build or rebuild trust- Keep your head before your heart
2. As one seeking to regain trust- It is work. Do the work.

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