Can you build trust too soon?

Tina Taylor, an experienced professional counselor for more than ten years, joins us for part 2 of our discussion on trust.

Often times when building a new relationship, there is a tendency to experience disappointment as a result of trusting too much too soon in a relationship. Together we will earn practical ways to determine if another is trustworthy before investing time and emotion into a new relationship.

Within established relationships, trust is often times broken or betrayed. We explore pratical tools for relationships seeking to restore trust.


Below is the outline to follow along with as she presents.


A. What is Trust

1. Misconceptions
2. Definition

B. Who Builds Trust

1. Everyone
2. Those who betrayed
3. Those who have been betrayed

C. How to Build Trust

1. Trust Wheel (seeking to gain or restore trust)
2. Making Changes (those who betrayed trust)

a. Admit you were wrong
b. Gain new information
c. Effort to correct
d. Time

D. Conclusion

1. As one seeking to trust- Keep your head before your heart

2. As one restoring trust- It is work. Do the work.

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