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Thank you to the generous donors who helped us reach our most recent fundraising goal of $80,000, unlocking an additional $80,000 in matching funds to support Georgia Center for Opportunity. These funds are already being used to promote family stability, access to quality education, and steady employment.

As we close out our fiscal year and look to the year ahead, we count our blessings for all who choose to invest in our work. With your support, GCO is influencing the key pillars to the well-being of Georgians – education, employment, and family stability. We’re focused on the “success cycle,” where these three pillars work together to dramatically increase the odds that an individual will lead a fulfilling life, avoid poverty and government dependency, and raise children who will follow the same path.

When we’re successful, fewer Georgians will be living in a condition of dependence, a higher percentage will be enjoying earned success and the fruits of their labor, more children will be ready for college and a career, and more families will have the economic and relational resources to thrive.

We look forward your continued partnership in the year ahead. You can stay informed on the impact of your gifts by subscribing to GCO email updates and following us on Facebook.

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