Less than half of Georgians approve of how Trump, Kemp have responded to COVID-19 | 11 Alive News

A new, exclusive 11Alive News/SurveyUSA Poll finds that if a coronavirus vaccine is developed, a full one-third of Georgians are not likely to take it.

While there is a consensus across the state that the nation has done a poor job at controlling the spread of the virus, many Georgia residents are torn on what needs to be done in order to correct the problems that exists…


The partisan divide is making it more difficult for officials and scientists to curb the pandemic, said GOP former state Rep. Buzz Brockway.  “I think that is hampering us,” said Brockway, who is now with the Georgia Center for Opportunity. “A crisis should be something that brings us all together. But it’s not. It’s forcing us into some of our camps.”


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