As a delivery consultant with Georgia Center for Opportunity I have recently been engaged with an inspirational organization named Every Woman Works (EWW), located in Sandy Springs, Georgia. EWW can technically be described as an organization that provides training in a safe, therapeutic and supportive environment where women who are recovering from addictions, in transition from the penal system, recovering from domestic violence, living in poverty, or homeless, have an opportunity to develop solid, transferable work skills to strengthen their sense of self confidence and to obtain financial independence. However, it is so much more than that.

When you walk through the door of EWW, you are warmly greeted by staff members who wear yellow and black, the colors of their bee logo, and a lovely bee brooch. Multiple affectionate hugs are bestowed upon you, as employees have a daily hug quota. Each day’s training begins with an “Hour of Empowerment”, a blend of inspirational speaking, singing and dancing; and yes, you will sing and you will dance. The positive energy is intoxicating.

Then there are the “students”, the vulnerable women who are served by EWW.  As you begin to hear their stories of struggle and triumph, one after the other, your heart softens and often weeps. EWW changes the hearts, minds and ultimately the lives of so many women who come, desperate to be free of their pain and insecurity. The process is initiated through love and acceptance and ends in accomplishment and confidence.

Miss Tillie, EWW’s Executive Director, asked me to participate in their annual fundraising event, Stars Dancing to Change Lives. How could I say “no”? Although I am no star, I am currently training with a professional dance partner, Buddy Stotts, and will dance on Saturday, October 5th. Each dancer is raising funds for EWW through donation “votes”, sponsorships and event ticket sales. If you would like to support this incredible organization, please visit and vote for your favorite dancers by offering a donation.  In fact, a vote for Linda Newton and Buddy Stotts would be much appreciated.

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