ATLANTA – During the 2018 legislative session, the Georgia Center for Opportunity stood with parents across the state and fervently advocated for the expansion of the tax credit tuition scholarship program. In response to a leaked audio recording involving Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, GCO’s president and CEO released the following statement.

“Thousands of parents and educators in Georgia have fought long and hard so children can have access to education that fits their needs. And they are more than used to the frustration of backroom politics coming before students,” said Randy Hicks, President and CEO of the Georgia Center for Opportunity. “Here’s what we know about this bill: it improves the future of thousands of kids from lower-income families. That’s good policy. Because of how the bill is structured, it has the effect of increasing per-pupil dollars available in the public schools. That’s good policy. Finally, studies show that school choice improves student-teacher ratios as well as the academic performance of both the kids who leave and the kids who stay in the public schools. That’s good policy. Put it all together, you’ve got excellent policy.”

We are certainly prepared to remind Mr. Cagle and any other candidate that policies that improve the future for thousands of kids is exactly what good legislation looks like.”


Education scholars are available to speak to members of the media who have further questions regarding Georgia’s tax credit tuition scholarship program.

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