The school choice advocacy trainings in Atlanta and Macon were amazing. It was great seeing people from across Georgia interested in learning more about how to support choice options such as charter schools, tax credit scholarships, public school transfers, and special needs scholarships. In Atlanta, many advocates wanted to learn more so they can tell their friends and community members about how to take advantage of these opportunities.

One advocate went as far to text her friend about the special needs program while in training. In Macon, advocates shared a common desire for students in rural areas of Georgia to dream beyond the possibilities that they currently see. They believed that expanding choice options through charters would help with this. To their surprise, there were three participants who recently submitted charter applications to do just that.


Taken from the session in Atlanta, GA

Yes, I can go on about having Rep. Morgan there who encouraged participants to speak to their legislators and how the voice of the constituent makes all the difference. I can even brag about how our training in Macon was at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and included Pastor Tony Lowden, a commissioner from the Georgia Charter Schools Commission.  But nothing beats having parents, grandparents, college students, and other community members who sacrificed their time to learn about choice and how to use their voice in this growing movement. I was excited to learn more about why school choice matters to them…. because our children do.

As GCO goes out into communities to hear more stories, I hope we begin to write new ones together for the sake of all students across Georgia, particularly those in urban and rural communities such as those represented by our participants.



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