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Indiana and South Carolina join a growing list of states expanding educational opportunity in 2023

Indiana and South Carolina have joined a growing list of states that have expanded educational opportunity in 2023. The mechanism is Education Scholarship Accounts, or ESAs, that empower all families to choose an educational option outside their locally zoned public school, if that is their choice.

Georgia Center for Opportunity’s (GCO) take: “We’re seeing an increasing tide of states choosing to give all students access to the best education for their unique needs. It’s a shame that Georgia didn’t join that list this year,” said Buzz Brockway, GCO’s vice president of public policy. “If Georgia lawmakers had passed Senate Bill 233 this session, eligible families would have had access to $6,500 to find the best educational option for their child. As it stands, these kids will remain stuck in schools that aren’t the right fit for them. Even so, we have hope for the 2024 short session with lawmakers will have another chance to advance education opportunity for all.”

For more on the ways ESAs would help kids in Georgia, check out these resources:

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