The U.S Reaches Highest Unadjusted Monthly Rate of Inflation Since March 1980

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A look at the highest unadjusted monthly rate of inflation

Today, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that in March the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 1.3%, not seasonally adjusted. This is the highest unadjusted monthly rate of inflation since March 1980. When annualized, it would equal 17.3%.  The seasonally-adjusted monthly increase is 1.2%. The 12-month CPI increase continues to climb, which now stands at 8.5%, not seasonally adjusted.

The Georgia Center for Opportunity’s (GCO) take: “Unsurprising for anyone who paid attention to prices last month, energy prices rose 32% over the last 12 months and food prices rose 8.8%. This is bad for everyone but worse for low-income and impoverished Americans, ” said Erik Randolph, GCO’s director of research. “The U.S. inflation rate reflects not only energy and food price increases, but it is also spreading to more and more industries as businesses are forced to raise prices.”“Also concerning are disturbing signs pointing to a possible economic slowdown, giving credence to those who have been predicting stagflation will return. This crisis may have been initiated by the pandemic, but it was exacerbated when state governments shut down their economies and the federal government pumped unprecedented levels of money into the system to sustain aggregate demand. We’re paying for that now. The only way out of this mess is to refocus on supply-side policies at both the federal and state levels to encourage investments, risk taking, and production. It also requires fiscal restraint in the halls of Congress to reign in deficit spending.”


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