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‘School choice’ legislation is sweeping the nation. Here are the states where it’s been introduced

This year, there has been a spate of bills introduced around the country that would expand school choice programs following Arizona’s passage of universal school choice last year. 
Last week, Georgia’s Senate Education Committee voted to pass education savings account legislation that would provide $6,000 for students to use every school year for tuition or other education-related costs, according to The Center Square.

Senate Bill 233 passed by a 6-5 vote last week. School choice advocates and critics were vocal about the effects that the bill could have on the state’s education system.

“Public education is the right choice for most families, but for a growing minority of students, an alternative is what’s best,” Buzz Brockway, vice president of public policy for the Georgia Center for Opportunity, said in a statement according to The Center Square. “We can, and should, support all options.”

“We must fund our public schools first and not continue to take resources away from our children whose only chance at a public education is in our public schools,” Lisa Morgan, a kindergarten teacher and Georgia Association of Educators president, told the committee. “Their only chance for an education is in our public schools.”

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