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Resilience and Equity | SAPORTA REPORT

The challenges of the last year have impacted all of us. From social injustices to racial inequality and COVID, our communities are suffering. We have also seen great acts of heroism with our front-line workers who have continued to serve our communities. A common thread that has emerged is the power of resilience. At Families First, we believe that resilience is the foundation of building strong communities…

Through this approach, baseline assessments of the families are created to determine each member’s unique needs, care plan, check-in timelines, and aftercare plan to measure improvement. Working with partners like the Westside Future Fund, Georgia Center for OpportunityGwinnett Chamber of CommerceImpact46Goodwill of North GeorgiaRaising Expectations and others, Families First is helping our families create a personalized approach to move from surviving to thriving. 

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