New legislation would expand school-choice opportunities for Georgia parents | THE CENTER SQUARE

A Georgia lawmaker has proposed legislation that would provide more education choices for parents by allowing public education funds to be used for private school tuition.

The Georgia Educational Scholarship Act, introduced by Rep. Wes Cantrell, R-Woodstock, would create educational scholarship accounts for Georgia students. Cantrell, a former public school teacher, said doing so would expand learning opportunities for students in the state…

Buzz Brockway, vice president of public policy at the Georgia Center for Opportunity, said education scholarship accounts could balance the scale for low-income families.

“The pandemic has shown us firsthand the importance of access and options in education. For many of us, that importance has come into focus for the first time,” Brockway said. “But these struggles have always been faced by low-income and impoverished communities in our state, who lack access to the same opportunities as most of us enjoy.”

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