The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments last week in a Montana school choice case that could change how public funds are used to support private religious schools in Georgia, while lawmakers are expected to push for more vouchers during this legislative session….

“Many of the private schools operating in the most impoverished regions of our state have a religious affiliation,” Buzz Brockway, executive vice president of Public Policy at the free-market nonprofit Georgia Center for Opportunity, said. “We should leave the decision with parents as to where they feel comfortable sending their children – to a school that aligns with their goals and values.”


Georgia Center for Opportunity advocates say funding is only one solution to Georgia’s school troubles.

“And while we’re working to reform and improve public education, tens of thousands of Georgia students are being left behind,” a statement from GCO said. “What these kids truly need is immediate access to an education that will enable them to step into their gifts, talents and abilities.”


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