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Kentucky Lawmakers Override Governor’s Veto to Pass Safer Kentucky Act, Targeting Crime in Low-Income Areas

Kentucky state lawmakers voted Friday to override a veto from Gov. Andy Beshear of House Bill 5, the Safer Kentucky Act. The new law will lower crime by addressing gang-related violence, updating carjacking laws, facilitating successful reentry programs, and more.

The Center for Opportunity’s take: “Although all of Kentucky will benefit from this new law, the positives will be concentrated in poor and low-income communities, where the impacts of crime are felt disproportionately,” said Josh Crawford, director of criminal justice initiatives for the Center for Opportunity. “We can’t even begin to discuss the best ways to economically revitalize an area until we address the crime problem. Safe streets lead to thriving communities. The Safer Kentucky Act is a crucial step forward in achieving this end.”

For more on the Safer Kentucky Act, click here.

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