Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner Expected To Hurt Those In Need

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The Farm Bureau Released A Report That The Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner Was Going Up Significantly.

 What is happening
  • Many people are gathering for the first time in nearly 2 years for Thanksgiving.
  • A recent Farm Bureau report shows the impact of Inflation and other factors that are leading to a 14% increase in the cost of Thanksgiving dinner.
  • GCO’s work in our community is shedding a light on the impact higher prices is having on many communities and social support efforts.
Why it matters
  • The hardest hit will be those already facing food insecurity.
  • Inflation impacts those already living in the margins far more than it hurts many of the decision-makers
  • Family is a vital component to a flourishing life and can be undermined by creating a financial burden for family gatherings.

My family and I are headed home to the mid-west this Thanksgiving to see my extended family and 95-year-old mother. The pandemic kept us away from each other, and my children are really looking forward to catching up with mom and their cousins. We have a lot to be thankful for and I am extremely grateful for my parents and siblings and the love we have for each other.  Family matters so much and the Eckstein’s are blessed in abundance. 

I note a Farm Bureau report this week that estimates the cost of that Thanksgiving dinner to again be on the rise—up 14% from last year. Of course, last year we were in the heart of the pandemic and we hadn’t yet felt the supply chain crush brought on by lockdowns and the employment market. As a result, demand and prices were low. 

The Success Sequence provides an outline of how to reverse the cycle of poverty in our communities. GCO uses this as a framework for much of our work.

Given our families blessings, we don’t feel the impact of these swings as much as some of the people we work with at GCO. We work in coalitions with partners focusing on food security, housing, and mental health. We bring our expertise in employment, education, and family relationships to make those within the partnership more effective, allowing them to have greater impact. We see a lot of families that would be impacted by even a small increase in price. It can seem hard sometimes for those blessed like us to believe that the Farm Bureau’s estimate of just under $6 for a group of 10 to eat that Thanksgiving dinner is unaffordable to some. But we can assure you that is the case. Inflation impacts the poor disproportionately and we are witnessing its devastating impacts on families daily.

Our prayer for those families—and for you and your family— is that this holiday will be a time of peace, an opportunity to be grateful for all families big and small and the communities they live in.

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