While part of Georgia’s economy is scheduled to reopen Friday, business and policy leaders say the state needs to take action to secure long-term stability.

Buzz Brockway, vice president of public policy for the Georgia Center for Opportunity (GCO) – an independent nonprofit think tank – said state officials should involve business leaders and local organizations in the reopening process. Chris Clark, CEO of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, said lawmakers need to instill policies to protect businesses until the economy is stabilized…


In its proposal for reopening the economy, GCO said lawmakers should consider forming coalitions with other states. For example, Georgia could coordinate reopening areas of South Carolina that are close to the Port of Savannah. Many people work at the port and live across the Savannah River in South Carolina, GCO said.

“No recovery plan is without risk, but we must weigh the risk and rely on health and business professionals to do so,” GCO President and CEO Randy Hicks said. “Now is the time for everyone to come together to explore solutions that protect our neighborhoods and respond to community needs.”


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