Broadband expansion gives Gov. Kemp rural toehold | 11ALIVE


Internet access in rural areas has been a problem for years – the pandemic only magnified the challenges. The issue could make or break Kemp’s re-election next year…

“It’s tied directly into economic development,” said former state Rep. Buzz Brockway, who now leads the Georgia Center for Opportunity.  “That could be a real economic boon to rural Georgia in years to come. But a lot of that is predicated on having good internet access.”

For Gov. Kemp, it’s also about giving back to a constituency that helped elect him. Though Democrats won statewide races last year, the map still shows Republican red prevailing in rural Georgia. Putting high speed internet in rural Georgia is good business. For Kemp, it’s also good re-election politics.

“His strategy for winning (in 2018) was to do really well in rural Georgia, and he did,” Brockway said. “That provided the margin for him. And he’s going to have to rely on that again.”

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