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Who is the most impacted by violent crime? Victims Matter with Josh Crawford

For years, researchers have said that increased exposure to violent video games have had an enormous impact on our children becoming desensitized to violence. It feels like every day—whether it be on our favorite news program or as we mindlessly scroll through social media—we are constantly seeing graphic footage of heinous crimes: shootings, carjackings, vicious assaults, and even murder.

For many people, the current crime crisis we find ourselves in may feel like a fog. But I assure you, many Americans don’t have the luxury of becoming desensitized, as they live each day in fear of becoming a victim. The crime crisis has had drastic effects on our society. And those suffering the most? Our most vulnerable communities.

On this episode of the Blue View, National FOP President Patrick Yoes sits down with Josh Crawford. Josh is the Director of Criminal Justice Initiatives with the Georgia Center for Opportunity where he leads their public safety and re-entry work. He has testified before local and state legislative committees as well as Federal agencies and a Presidential commission. His work has been featured in the places like the National Review, the Washington Examiner, and Chicago Sun-Times, among other publications around the country.

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