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Report finds thousands of Georgia residents ‘missing’ from the labor force

While Georgia officials routinely tout the state’s low unemployment rate, a new report found hundreds of thousands of residents are “missing” from the labor force.

According to a Georgia Center for Opportunity analysis, 454,100 Georgians are not in the labor force and have effectively given up on work. The number does not include retirees, students or full-time caregivers.

“The startling statistic shows a hidden story behind the unemployment rate that reveals deeper cracks in the labor market that will cause problems for years to come, both in the economy and in individuals’ lives,” Erik Randolph, GCO’s director of research, said in a news release. “The reason why this matters is not strictly an economic one — we know that these individuals’ giving up on work has profound social, psychological, and relational impacts that extend well beyond the pocketbook.”

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