Jobs For Life Collaborates With BETTER WORK in Columbus

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Jobs 4 Life Meeting in Columbus

A Partner For Life

Several of the Chattahoochee Valley Poverty Reduction Coalition (CVPRC) member organizations attended the May 26th Jobs for Life class to share information on resources and talk with students about overcoming the roadblocks they face. Some of the potential roadblocks discussed included mental and emotional health, childcare challenges, and needed education and training. This Community Resource panel was able to help students understand the steps they must take to overcome these challenges and others.


Responding to the needs in a community is paramount to our success.

Learn how our community partners stepped up to support the needs in Columbus through area-businesses.  

Our Partners Matter

We would like to thank Candace Muncy (United Way-211), Dr. Asante Hilts (Columbus Health Department), and Jessica Neal (Goodwill) for attending as well as Jamie Thomas (Enrichment Services) and April Hopson (Columbus Technical College) for sending representatives on their behalf.

Our entire Jobs for Life team and students appreciate you!

Job for Life classes are successful because of our community partners and volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about these classes and getting involved, visit our website at


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