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GCO applauds introduction of Promise Scholarship bill

The Georgia Center For Opportunity is thrilled to support new legislation introduced in the Georgia General Assembly creating Promise Scholarship Accounts. Georgia State Senator Greg Dolezal is the primary sponsor of Senate Bill 233, The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act.

Funded by the state in the amount of $6,000 per student for each school
year, Promise Scholarships would allow families to find the right fit for their students’ education. Scholarships could be used on any approved education expense, such as private school tuition, tutoring, homeschool curriculum, virtual classes, college classes, therapies (for kids with special needs), technology, and more.

“A quality education levels the playing field for all Georgians,” said Buzz Brockway, GCO’s vice president of public policy. “Promise Scholarships would do that by giving eligible students the unique educational experiences that they need. All kids deserve a chance, including students who may need additional help or require a different learning environment. This bill gives a lifeline to students who are not currently served well by their local public school while having no impact on public school funding levels.”

“Our education system should ensure that all students have access to quality education, no matter their race, past mistakes, or circumstances of their birth.

This bill would be a huge step in that direction for kids in our state,” Brockway added.


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