Breakthrough 2019 – Businesses Investing In Student Readiness

by | Oct 10, 2019

We know that a traditional four-year college pathway isn’t the right choice for many students in Georgia. The harder part is figuring out which alternative pathway is the best.

Breaking ground in these areas are forward-thinking employers like Southwire, America’s leading manufacturer of wire and cable used for electricity distribution and transmission. Southwire’s 12 for Life apprenticeship program has become a national model for helping at-risk high-school students finish their education, attain marketable skills, and potentially move right into a tech job right after graduation. 

The program graduates anywhere from 50 to 75 students each year, drawn from eight high schools represented in three Georgia counties. Over 2,900 students have graduated the program over the last decade. Watch the video to hear Marsha Smith, who heads up 12 for Life, explain how the program is a catalyst for community-level change. 

“We’ve seen students go from being homeless to being interns in our facility to become full-time employees,” Marsha shares.


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